• Egypt's new Islamist president will appoint female and Christian vice presidents to serve in his administration, his policy adviser announced Monday, a move that appears designed to allay concerns that his government will be unfriendly to women and minorities.

  • The $65bn merger between commodities trader Glencore and miner Xstrata was on Tuesday night on the verge of collapse after the sovereign wealth fund of Qatar, the second largest shareholder in the miner, opposed the terms of the deal.

  • Royal Dutch Shell is expected to be granted the permits it needs to drill for oil in the Arctic seas north of Alaska, the US interior secretary has said, giving the go-ahead for one of the industry’s most controversial projects.

  • JERUSALEM //Russia's president yesterday criticised Israel's settlements as problematic for Middle East peace during a visit with Mahmoud Abbas, the Fatah and Palestinian Authority's leader. Vladimir Putin was on the second of a two-day tour of the region, which analysts billed as an attempt to allay concerns over Moscow's support for Iran and Syria and broaden its ties with Israel. The Palestinians did not figure prominently on day one of Mr Putin's trip

  • The hypodermic needles filled with chocolate that have raised concerns by health officials are being produced by teenagers in their homes, according to one of the sellers. The needles have raised alarms from the public and prompted a warning from Dubai Municipality and the Ministry of Health.

  • If the Scaf's new powers are not curtailed, then they can veto the new president's initiatives. Even more ominous is the possibility of new presidential elections being held in a year, after a new constitution is drawn up - a move suggested as likely by the civilian advisory council to the Scaf. The situation has led to fears that Mr Morsi was being handed a poisoned chalice by gaining the public responsibility for Egypt's path to stability and prosperity without the executive powers to make meaningful changes. Some observers believe that Mr Morsi, supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, will be able to wrench some of the traditional roles of the presidency back from the military in the weeks ahead.

  • The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, one of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds, expressed caution about market volatility in Europe and reiterated its optimism toward emerging markets in its 2011 review released on Monday.

  • Saudi Arabian Oil Co., the world’s largest crude exporter, is forming a venture capital company to invest in international startups developing new drilling technologies, a person with knowledge of the plan said.

  • Ankle Shackles Adidas abandoned plans to sell a pair of shoes featuring an ankle cuff that resembled a shackle this week after critics objected to the slavery symbolism implicit in the design.

  • As President Barack Obama considered adding as many as 40,000 U.S. forces to a backsliding war in Afghanistan in 2009, Vice President Joe Biden warned him that the military rationale for doing so was flawed, a new book about Obama's expansion of the conflict says.

  • Saudi Arabia is to allow its women athletes to compete in the Olympics for the first time. Officials say the country's Olympic Committee will "oversee participation of women athletes who can qualify".

  • Ludwick Marishane, a student at the University of Cape Cod, has come up with a clever way to skip showers or baths — and still stay clean. His product, Drybath, is a clear gel that offers the same cleansing and disinfection you´d get from soap and water, simply by slathering it on.
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