• More than 600 people were diagnosed with malaria in Abu Dhabi during the last quarter of 2011. Related ■ Cases of malaria double in a year Topic Contagious diseases A total of 2,731 cases were recorded by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (Haad) last year, none of which were contracted locally.

  • Qatar is planning to develop 1,400 farms in the Gulf state as part of plans to improve food security issues. Fahd bin Mohamed Al Attiyah, chief executive of Qatar National Food Security Programme (NFSP), said the farms would be helped through the introduction of technology in production processes or the training of labour.

  • Before cheering throngs in Tahrir Square, Egypt's president-elect Mohammed Morsi pledged yesterday to serve as "a president for all Egyptians" and said his legitimacy as a leader stems solely from the support of the people. "There is no power above the power of the people," he said. "Today you are the source of this power. You give this power to whoever you want and you withhold it from whoever you want."

  • Zak Stone of GOOD Cities writes, “Farmscape is proving that there’s enough of an appetite for farming on residential land to turn the proposition into a high-growth business. The less-than-four-year-old company has 12 full-time employees—including seven farmers who receive a living wage plus healthcare—and is looking to keep growing.”

  • The industrial revival taking place in North America is poised to accelerate in the coming years, boosting demand for chemicals and investment in new production plants, one consultancy said on Monday. “Based on an analysis of around 96,000 manufacturing projects worldwide, it is clear that North America will increase its share versus the rest of the world,

  • mericans say they are more tolerant and open-minded than their parents. Among the issues that rate more morally acceptable today than a decade ago: homosexuality, human cloning, pre-marital sex, and having a child out of wedlock.  At the same time, half believe the economic system is unfair to middle- and working-class Americans, and only 17 percent believe Wall Street executives share fundamental American values. In all, two-thirds think the country is heading in the wrong direction, 69 percent believe the country's values have deteriorated since the 1970s, and nearly half say values will further weaken over the next 10 years.

  • House Republicans on Thursday followed through with their plans to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress—but not before dozens of Democrats stormed out of the chamber in protest. The final vote was 255-67, making Holder the first sitting Cabinet member to be held in contempt by Congress

  • After weeks of negotiations, Senate Democrats and Republicans have reached a $6.7 billion deal to prevent the interest rate on federal student loans from doubling this summer.

  • Spanish police have unmasked a gang of alleged fraudsters posing as representatives of Arab sheikhs, who promised millions of euros of investment or loans to victims that included Spanish football club Getafe, authorities said on Wednesday.

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