News Round Up 09/26/2012

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  • "Kuwait's highest court yesterday struck down a government challenge to the country's electoral districts, deciding to leave the current five zones intact. The ruling is likely to embolden opposition forces in the country, who had accused the ruling family of trying to gerrymander voting lines in their favour before calling new elections, now likely to be held around the New Year."

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  • "Total SA says energy companies should not drill for crude in Arctic waters, marking the first time an oil major has publicly spoken out against offshore oil exploration in the region. Christophe de Margerie, Total’s chief executive, told the Financial Times the risk of an oil spill in such an environmentally sensitive area was simply too high. “Oil on Greenland would be a disaster,” he said in an interview. “A leak would do too much damage to the image of the company”."

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  • "Khaled Meshaal has to decided to step down as Hamas leader, reasoning that it is time for "new blood" to assume leadership roles, according to one of his confidants. But analysts say that Hamas's de facto leader-in-exile has become disgruntled with the machinations of the Palestinian Islamist group and its members based in Gaza, which underscores his failure to push through pragmatic reforms, including reconciliation with rivals Fatah."

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