News Round Up 11/05/2012

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  • "The propaganda of the US presidential election continues to divert investors’ attention away from some critical investment issues. These distractions might help explain many investors’ underperformance during the past year. Rhetoric suggesting the US “could be the next Greece” seems quite exaggerated because the US is already experiencing a historic deleveraging, and is one of the few economies that is actually improving. "

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  • "CAIRO (AP) — Egypt's ancient Coptic Christian church named a new pope on Sunday, chosen in an elaborate ceremony where a blindfolded boy drew the name of the next patriarch from a crystal chalice. Bishop Tawadros will be ordained Nov. 18 as Pope Tawadros II. He will be the spiritual leader of a community that increasingly fears for its future amid the rise of Islamists to power in the aftermath of last year's uprising."

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