News Round Up 10/02/2013

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  • "President Barack Obama sought on Monday to alleviate Israeli anxieties about his new diplomatic outreach with Iran, insisting that he would still consider “military options” if he felt they were necessary to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. "

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  • "For the world at large, Wyoming still means Buffalo Bill and cowboy boots. For global energy markets, the sparsely populated US state has a more modern relevance – as the source of some of the largest coal reserves in the world. The Powder River Basin that stretches across much of the state has made Wyoming the US’s biggest coal producer. But coal industry executives received a shock in August when it was time to see which companies had bid for the rights to a new tract, said to contain nearly 150m tons of mineable coal in the federally controlled basin. When the deadline fell, officials discovered that not one company had bid – not even Cloud Peak Energy, owner of the mine that had originally sought permission to operate in the tract seven years ago."

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