News Round Up 01/19/2014

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  • "The UAE is leading the Arabian Gulf region in renewables projects, driven by ambitious targets to diversify the energy mix in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Related ■ UAE’s nuclear energy programme a safe, low-carbon and affordable alternative ■ Irena founder Hermann Scheer hailed for renewable energy role ■ UAE to host upcoming meeting of newly-formed renewables club ■ Abu Dhabi-based Irena votes to open an office in New York Topic Alternative energy Shams 1 solar power plant Across the region, governments are undertaking these renewables projects to free up oil and gas for export and use in other industries, and to meet rising demand for power and water."

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  • "As violence has flared up in Iraq again, a bevy of Bush administration officials has risen to argue that if only the United States were more actively involved in Iraq, had a few thousand troops there, fought against Sunni militants while pressing Maliki more firmly, things would be very different. Not only does this perspective misunderstand the very deep nature of the conflict in the Middle East but it also fails to see that Washington choosing one side over another made matters substantially worse. One more round of U.S. intervention, in a complex conflict of religion and politics, will only add fuel to the fires in the Middle East. "

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