What I Read in 2013

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As the year ends, I thought I would provide a list of all the books I've read over the last year. As I get older, I find I have to be more intentional to find time to read each day as reading time competes with busy work schedules, gym, mindless tv shows and movies and other pursuits.

Nonetheless, I hit my goal of a book a week.

King of JordanSchlaim, Avi
The Master and MargaritaBulgakov, Mikhail
The Oil KingsCooper, Andrew Scott
Lush LifePrice, Richard
DamnedPalahniuk, Chuck
In Praise of HatredKhalifa, Khaled
The Marriage PlotEugenides, Jeffrey
Thing Fall ApartAchebe, Chinua
DublinersJoyce, James
The Glass CastleWalls, Jeannette
Raised from the GroundSaramago, Jose
You Can Negotiate AnythingCohen, Herb
The Food WarsBello, Walden
The Orphan Master's SonJohnson, Adam
AntwerpBolano, Roberto
Something HappenedHeller, Joseph
OilSmil, Vaclav
Mission to ParisFurst, Alan
The Age of MiraclesThompson Walker, Karen
Shale Gas: The Promise and the PerilRao, Vikram
Standing in Another Man's GraveRankin, Ian
Manuscript Found in AccraCoelho, Paolo
A Delicate TruthLe Carre, John
The InterestingsWolitzer, Meg
Gone GirlFlynn, Gillian
Makers: The New Industrial RevolutionAnderson, Chris
A Foreign CountryCumming, Charles
The Eagle UnbowedKochanski, Halik
PureMiller, Andrew
The Sense of an EndingBarnes, Julian
Lost LuggagePunti, Jordi
No One Belongs Here More than YouJuly, Miranda
Moth SmokeHamid, Mohsin
Alif the UnseenWilson, G. Willow
Winter JourneyCabre, Jaume
1Q84Murakami, Haruki
A Casual VacancyRowling, J.K.
The UnwindingPacker, George
Orphan of IslamKhan, Alexander
This is How You Lose HerDiaz, Junot
The Forty Rules of LoveShafak, Elif
The Bastard of IstanbulShafak, Elif
Memed My HawkKemal, Yasar
This TownLeibovich, Mark
A Possible LifeFaulks, Sebastian
The Mimic MenNaipaul, VS
David and GoliathGladwell, Malcolm
Let the Great World SpinMcCann, Colum
The Incredible Lightness of BeingKundera, Milan
Terra IncognitoNabakov
The AsylumMcGrath, Leah Goodman
The FrackersZuckerman, Gregory
The Happiness ProjectRubin, Gretchen
Down and Out in London and ParisOrwell, George


David Benaiges i Tomàs said...

Great list Andrew! It would be great to see the ratings you gave to each of those books. Keep it up!