News Round Up 02/17/2014

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  • "(Reuters) - A bomb on a tourist bus in Egypt's Sinai killed at least two South Koreans and the Egyptian driver on Sunday, army and security sources said, in the first attack on tourists since an army takeover in July spurred an Islamist insurgency. "

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  • "here did Vladimir Putin find $50bn to spend on the Olympics in Sochi? Ask Ukraine, Germany and other overcharged Gazprom customers. Proceeds from Russia’s gas exports have emboldened Mr Putin’s foreign policy and helped underwrite the most lavish Winter Olympic pageant in history. There is no American counterpart to Gazprom. But the US energy revolution is a geopolitical windfall that will enable Washington to loosen Russia’s grip on its neighbours. It is the closest thing Barack Obama has to a game changer in what remains of his presidency. "

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  • "Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. continues to champion whole-cone hops with its 2014 Harvest series – five large-format (24-ounce) IPAs that will showcase newly developed hop varieties and explore diverse hopping methods: single hop, fresh hop, wet hop and wild hop. The first beer, a single hop IPA shipping nationwide next week, features the unnamed hop 291, which seesaws between intense floral aromas and notes of blueberry and black pepper. Another single hop IPA, as well as fresh hop (Southern Hemisphere Harvest), wet hop (Northern Hemisphere Harvest) and wild hop IPAs, round out the lineup. Sierra Nevada always hunts for rare and exciting hop flavors, and the Harvest series offers a year of sampling some of the brewery’s pioneering beers and latest hop discoveries. "

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